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Farmhouse Pantry

The Farmhouse Pantry proudly includes unique and personalized gift boxes, and other handmade items like homemade vanilla & fluffy marshmallows. Plus, you’ll find tasty granola, artisanal jams, and homespun gift boxes for your loved ones.

Farmhouse Granola

Made in small batches, this tasty breakfast addition is perfect for every person who looks forward to comfy, warm mornings at home! Ships Nationwide! Also available in Farmhouse Classic, Orange Cranberry and Oat Milk Chocolate Chip & many more!

Farmhouse Jam

Homemade and as sweet as can be! These are the perfect pairing for anything and everything sweet! Pancakes, biscuits, toast, cake, ice cream – you name it. You spread it! There will be a unique mix of various and seasonal flavor varieties too.

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Goodbye Charleston

Goodbye Charleston; You’ll Always Have a Piece of My Heart    So many wonderful, amazing things happened in 2020, even though it seems like that one year somehow transformed into “The Decade of The Pandemic.” When we moved to Charleston as empty-nesters, I had no idea what was waiting for me. And now that I am…

Old and New Creates Magic

Just like adding two seemingly opposite ingredients such as salt and sugar to make, mixing your décor with old and new creates magic.  I love vintage pieces. Not only are they beautiful, but they also share bits of the past while I give them stories for the future. The dichotomy of mixing antiques with contemporary…

Sunday Farmshop is Living Consciously

What does it mean to live consciously?    For some, living consciously is synonymous with the enjoyment of high-quality and natural foods, a practical examination of ingredients, origins, and production methods, a life in harmony with nature, or the appreciation of good products and delicious foods.  For others, living consciously means the deliberate decision to remove unnecessary additives and dyes from…