Paris & Patisseries

It’s every baker’s dream to immerse themselves in the Paris culinary landscape, and my dream came true a couple of years ago. I spent a week breathing in the wonderment of the city of love. 

I woke up every morning and wanted to pinch myself. There were bakeries and, pâtisseries, and the most amazing macarons on every corner. The scent of sweet crepes and desserts wafted down the streets. There was absolutely no shortage of inspiring locales.

Paris is the number destination for pastry foodies for a good reason. (I suppose cheese and bread foodies would fall in love with the gorgeous city, too, but let’s be real: I came for the sugar rush!) 

Speaking of French macarons, I just adore the colors associated with the city and the sweets. Pastel colors filled every scene, from mild buttery yellows, milky whites, creamy blues and pinks and light minty greens, OOOH LA LA! It really made me rethink my own baking habits. Those beautiful colors aren’t necessarily reflective of the deeply rich and decadent flavors that overcome your senses which made each visit to a pâtisserie not only flavorful but also a lesson in vibrant ingredients and textures.

I was never able to decide what to buy, what to try, what to carefully pack up and carry home…so I tried everything! My favorite day in Paris was the day I spent in the famous Ladurée.

If you aren’t familiar with Ladurée, at its core, it’s an incredible bakery. They’ve been in business since 1862 (which is also the same year paper currency became a thing…I know this because I spent a LOT of paper at Ladurée!) and they have bakeries all over the world, from Tokyo to London, Dubai to New York.

I didn’t just spend the day eating delicious foods; I also did some people watching and sightseeing on the Champs-Elysées. It’s actually touted as the most beautiful avenue in the world, and now I know why.

I also visited Angelina of Paris while I was there. They have the best hot chocolate ever. It’s not a bakery that’s only filled with sweet treats; the eye candy is to die for. The interior of Angelina was originally designed and decorated in the 1800s, and it hasn’t changed since then. The interior mirrors Paris itself with its bright and airy atmosphere and the beautifully delicate displays of pastries.

Nothing has ever made me feel more like royalty than an indulging day, reveling in the luxury of world-renowned pastries. There were pastel colors from top to bottom, and everything was packaged in the cutest boxes and bags. And I haven’t even started on the delicious coffee. 

Sometimes I still meditate on the way Paris made me feel that day. In the same way I feel connected to my local community when I visit the farmer’s market, I felt so French and fancy walking the streets of Paris. It goes to show how much location and culture influences our food.

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