Sunday Farmshop is Living Consciously

What does it mean to live consciously?   

For some, living consciously is synonymous with the enjoyment of high-quality and natural foods, a practical examination of ingredients, origins, and production methods, a life in harmony with nature, or the appreciation of good products and delicious foods. 

For others, living consciously means the deliberate decision to remove unnecessary additives and dyes from the menu and to buy only organically locally sourced products.

So, here’s how I’ve been living consciously through Sunday Farmshop. 

I’ve been seamlessly combining my two favorite hobbies: Shopping and baking with all-natural ingredients from the city’s local roots and flavors.

Lately, my baking has taken a little detour into the land of granola. I love granola, and I thought, why shouldn’t I share my delicious faves with customers?

And so, here we are. Our granola contains easily digestible nutrients from oats, barley & rye that are all considered superfoods because of their cholesterol and blood sugar normalizing properties. This exceptional new menu item contains all the essential nutrients and building blocks needed to live consciously. Plus, it’s delicious, of course!

I love baking because I hate standing still. Sunday Farmshop allows me to continually grow and develop tasty new recipes as we build our presence in the community. This is reflected in our range, in our philosophy, and in our social actions. That’s how we’ve come up with seasonal jars of butter as the perfect addition to every order. 

We’re giving you the opportunity to avoid the flavorless salted and unsalted sticks of plain butter lining grocery store shelves. Think of your favorite restaurants and the unique kinds of butter they serve with fresh rolls and loaves of bread. Doesn’t taste store-bought, right? Our newly created seasonal jams are a silky explosion of flavor that elevates any sweet or savory dish. You can even order enough to take to this year’s holiday potluck!

On Sunday mornings, when I’m sitting in the morning silence and sipping coffee, I wonder, when was the last time you really enjoyed a meal with all your senses? Felt? Smelled? Tasted?

Life flies by, and it happens all too often that we lose these extraordinary moments. In doing so, we often forget exactly what makes life so amazing in the first place: Enjoyment. The enjoyment of food, friends, and family is what you need to learn and live consciously.

We live with intent, and with conscious enjoyment and the appreciation of organic, local, and healthy products. We relish sharing the best quality desserts with you, with a clear conscience.

xx, eneida 

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