Old and New Creates Magic

Just like adding two seemingly opposite ingredients such as salt and sugar to make, mixing your décor with old and new creates magic. 

I love vintage pieces. Not only are they beautiful, but they also share bits of the past while I give them stories for the future. The dichotomy of mixing antiques with contemporary pieces creates a beautiful aesthetic that gives any room a feeling of coziness. It’s almost like wrapping yourself in a warm blanket of sentimentality.

Decorating is how I relax. Luckily, I have a flare for beautifying my spaces. I never look for things that match. I look for things that make me happy. When I put all the pieces that make me happy in the same too, they DO match, just not in the traditional sense. They reflect my affection for antiques.

Collecting vintage items is more about collecting experiences. I get to make memories with my daughter who has also fallen in love with scouring antique shops and bringing home lovely vintage pieces. Bonding with her through our mutual love of decorating has been such a satisfying experiencing, even if I have created a monster!

My love for the vintage started long ago. Some of my pieces have been with me since I was 20 years old, ever since I walked into my first antique shop in Tampa.

Throughout my life and across the state lines of California, Texas, Charleston and Virginia, my love for antiquing has followed me. Virginia has some of the best antiquing in the world, if you can believe it! I even had my own little pop-up shop while I lived there, Lucketts, where I worked two days a week. (Always my favorite two days of the week!)

In all my travels, I always find vintage shops to check out. I even found a few in Paris!

My husband’s beautiful (before us getting married) pieces comingling with my own make the most perfect, most beautiful hodge-podge home. Combining different styles makes relationships and rooms more interesting.

I love walking into a shop and finding elements of past decades to bring into my home and now to my shop.  These pieces have so much charm. Adding them to my décor brings harmony to my house. It’s about finding beauty in the unexpected. 

Things in perfect condition don’t speak to me the way vintage pieces do. As humans, we’re not perfect. We are flawed and we have stories to tell. I want my home décor to reflect that while uncovering decades of nostalgia.

Get inspired! Leave me a comment and tell me what you look for in home décor.

xx, Eneida 

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