Goodbye Charleston

Goodbye Charleston; You’ll Always Have a Piece of My Heart   

So many wonderful, amazing things happened in 2020, even though it seems like that one year somehow transformed into “The Decade of The Pandemic.”

When we moved to Charleston as empty-nesters, I had no idea what was waiting for me. And now that I am once again packing up my life and heading back home, it feels bittersweet to leave such a warm and welcoming community.

I’m not only leaving behind a thriving business, but I’m also saying farewell to every new friend and acquaintance who smothered me in Southern charm and made me feel instantly at home in a new city.

My business is growing and transforming, and Little Southern Bakes is closing its metaphorical door. But don’t worry. We’re not saying goodbye. We’re just growing up, changing, and thriving in new and different ways.

As I distance myself from the baking part of my business, I reflect on what vintage goods really mean to me. I don’t just collect things. I collect experiences, friendships, and stories. I’ve met so many inspiring and unique people in Charleston as we shared our love for nostalgic items.

2020 left many of us in rough condition, and that’s often how I find vintage items that I fall in love with. Finding antiques and collectibles with flaws, chips, and cracks are pieces of history that tell a story. And that story is, “We survived.”

Vintage objects are imperfect, and yet they’re beautiful and enduring. That’s what we are. That’s what Charleston is. I wouldn’t have wanted to spend 2020 anywhere else in the world. I can’t thank you all enough for the eternal love and support I’ve received from my Charleston Family.

I promise to keep you updated with notes and pictures as we make our next step. Don’t forget about me because I will certainly never forget you, Charleston.

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