Hi, I’m Eneida, and I am the creator behind Sunday Farmshop.

I adore all things vintage, chai tea, farmer’s markets, and thrifting. I search for and find products with healthy doses of love and respect for where each item comes from.

I have been an antique enthusiast since I was a teenager, collecting vintage clothing and home décor. I have spent numerous years working with designers, staging homes, and buying and selling vintage goods. I have a soft spot for beautiful antique things, and my heart beats for the charm of the old. In our “Vintage Corner,” you’ll find classic heirlooms of a bygone era and timeless treasures conceived partly from my love of antiques and vintage valuables.

My pantry products change with the seasons based on fresh, local produce and include homemade granola, artisanal jams, and homespun gift boxes for your loved ones.

Sunday Farmshop provides an alternative to conventional goods. I am constantly evolving, never losing sight of what my customers truly want. I wanted to let customers know I have arrived bearing “antiques, provisions, and goods.”